LATEST WORK 2020:  “On the Line” hanging up-cycled clothes from the brand she co-founded Brave New You, to promote air-drying over tumble driers to help save the planet
SHOOTING THE BREEZE - War & Peace lowres


Lou paints small acrylic abstract landscapes on paper as part of her daily meditative practice. Her studio overlooks the same bit of the River Brent that Turner painted during part of his life. The ever changing light and water inspires Lou, as well as her wanders through the city parks and trips to the sea. Simplifying the composition into the bands of colour that form themselves in the landscape Lou calls her ongoing series of stripes Landlines.



Lou paints in acrylic on linen in a vigorous way and then when it is dry works more slowly, one stripe at a time, with dots from her paintbrush. She has always been intrigued by the Aboriginal song-lines that map the landscape and their artwork that talks of their land, place, community and stories, in dots. Increasingly she is aware of the energy of physical beings and things that resonate in the landscape. The dots in her paintings represent this at a cellular level and the stripes are how her mind’s eye separates the landscape into bars, stripes, songlines or land lines. She wants the viewer to feel the landscape she is painting through the visual vibration created by the dots. After she has finished painting she embroiders a haphazard line tracing the landscape and signs off with a small character called Brave New Girl. The piece hangs unframed from a rod attached to brackets on the wall, so that there is some movement and ephemeral quality to it.. For more information please CONTACT


SNAPSHOT FROM THE STUDIO – preparing for The Other Art Fair London, March 2018


Lou creates oil paintings that celebrate simplicity & observe the impermanent nature of things. She aims to make work that creates moments of calm in which to pause and reflect. She explores light, texture and colour through the abstract interpretation & imagination of land, sea, city graffiti & simple objects.




Lou regularly sells to collectors worldwide through Saatchi Art online. Lou’s work has been commissioned for site-specific projects, won prizes and been exhibited in both group and one-woman shows. Sometimes she paints circles.




Take a wander round my website, as you would a gallery, take your time and enjoy whatever catches your eye. If you see something you like then you can CONTACT me directly or you can buy it through my Saatchi Art site. Or you can hire it through HARTH

Lou is the founder of CREATELAB – hub for creativity & imagineering

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