LIFE FORCE exhibition at The Farm, Soho, London February – April 22nd 2022
Lou’s work is concerned with people and planet, nurturing nature & celebrating the beauty & balance we need to preserve. The themes are BURN | BREATHE | GROW | FLOW reflecting the elements fire, air, earth & water. These landscapes move from acrylics, to lime plaster, wax, linseed oil & natural pigments.

PRIVATE COMMISSION for One Park Drive @ Canary Wharf, London, a 57-storey residential tower designed by Herzog & de Meuron architects. Lou’s pieces cover 55 floors

SHOOTING THE BREEZE - War & Peace lowres

My work is comprised of abstract colourfields, built up in layers of acrylic paint and sometimes other media, until they reach what I call the ‘hum’ when the colours and composition are in balance, and the painting exudes a feeling of calm. I work intuitively and tap into the spiritual nature of our physical environment. Formally a sculptor I approach painting in a robust way, working on the floor with builders brushes and vigorous brushwork, then calming the whole lot down in a meditative practice.

My influences are Antoni Tapies, Joseph Beuys, Sean Scully, Mark Rothko and Anish Kapoor, but also the Objective Abstraction movement pioneered by my grandfather Geoffrey Tibble with other major British artists in 1933. It only lasted a few years & my grandfather returned to figurative work. I grew up with his paintings around me and was fascinated by the bits in between the figures, and it is these abstract spaces that greatly inspire my work.. CONTACT



Take a wander round my website, as you would a gallery, take your time and enjoy whatever catches your eye. If you see something you like then you can CONTACT me directly or you can buy it through my Saatchi Art site.

Lou is the founder of CREATELAB – hub for creativity & imagineering

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