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Insightful and timeless, this inspiring little book of drawings BRAVE NEW GIRL by Lou Hamilton, offers a humorous and inspiring path to fearlessness. Inside us all is a Brave New Girl just waiting to get out and with every drawing and thoughtful saying, each page is an invitation to pause, reflect, smile and take action


Available on Amazon UK or in any main bookshops. Also published in US by Sourcebooks

UK’s leading Creative Life Coach Lou helps you to use your creativity to lead a happier, more fulfilling life. Or if you prefer to self-coach you can follow Lou’s coaching programme in her new book FEAR LESS published by Orion Spring also available of Amazon UK  For more Information on her COACHING

fear less_approved3

Follow Lou on Instagram: LouHamiltonPaints twitter: @createlab Instagram: brave_newgirl Facebook: Lou Hamilton Artist 


  1. sangeeta weatherley · March 10, 2019

    Hi Lou

    We met in the post office! Could you add me to the subscription list please. Hope to attend the the meet up in Central.


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