About Lou

Lou’s SOHO SOLO SHOW exhibition Freeze Frame showed at The Farm Group HQ William Building, 8 Marshall St W1 for 6 months in 2017.  

Lou regularly sells to collectors worldwide both privately & through the leading online gallery Saatchi art. Lou’s work has been commissioned for site-specific projects, won prizes and been exhibited in both group and one-woman shows. Her work is featured in the Contemporary Art magazine The Discerner.

She studied at Byam Shaw School of Art & did her MA at Chelsea College of Art, graduating from both with Distinction. Painting transformed into conceptual work followed by welding scrap steel and wielding an early video camera. The TV/film industry & photography seduced her while she raised her kids until she finally returned to painting.

Lou founded  Create Lab  to use creativity to make a useful difference. She is the creator of the book of drawings “Brave New Girl” published by Orion Spring 2016. Life Member of the Chelsea Arts Club

CU palette knife

Read Lou’s monthly blog or follow on twitter @createlab Instagram brave_newgirl Pinterest lou-hamilton Facebook Lou Hamilton Artist

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